We have lived on the boat for more than a month, but as the days blend together and we are in a somewhat liquid state of mind I am not even sure of what day of the week it is. Ask me about the weather though, and I can give you a good prediction of wind and precipitation for the next 48 hours.

We spent the first two weeks in Deltaville at the dock unpacking and stowing our belongings. It was a somewhat overwhelming task considering we are bringing food, spare parts and emergency supplies for unknown remote destinations in the Caribbean and Pacific we are planning to visit the next year and a half. As the captain is an avid fisherman we also carry 9 fishing poles, spears, nets, and all kinds of diving equipment.  

We had a few friends visit us at Stingray Point Marina and spent most afternoons sailing and trying out new gear. Did I mention boat work?  Maintenance, upgrades and fixing broken gear is a big part of the cruising life style.

Casting off from the security and habits our slip provided in the marina felt like a big transition. We cut our last tie to land life and turned in to boat people the third week in September. We sailed North to Annapolis to finish up some boat work and visit the yearly Annapolis sailboat show. Annapolis is a wonderful town for seafarers, full of sailboats, docks and anchorages right in the middle of town.  We bought a new dinghy (and named her Axelia after our first grandchild), worked on the boat and met up with numerous boat friends. When the north wind filled in we started our trip south. After 2 days of downwind sailing in 20- 25 knots of wind we found ourselves at midnight in driving rain and 5 foot chop at the moth of the Rappahannock River, the entrance to our old marina. The temptation was too great and we snuck back in to our old slip for a couple of days to catch up on sleep, do laundry and get a hot shower.  And here we are ready to continue our trip toward Norfolk tomorrow and the on toward Beaufort in North Carolina.

Thanks for everybody’s support and love, you are all with us every day.

Ninni and Bill


  1. "Casting off" from habits of your land life..... finding rhythm in the wind and the seas. What does the names of the week mean, while you find your way south? Now wind and sea becomes your time piece. Axelia your "first grandchild", I smile at that :) I know I am with you, because, you are always with me.

  2. You are really good at descibing your experiences and i certainly don't blame you for ducking back into Deltaville in that horrendous weather! I really liked Beaufort. Lots of cute little restaurants, almost like cville but where the waitresses call you "honey". Doug and are still separated but i still want to visit you this winter, wherever you happen to be. St. Augustine is alot nicer and safer than Jacksonville so keep that in mind.

  3. Very nice! We were down on Sunday and Monday, bummed we missed you guys! Bon Voyage :)

  4. Yes great reading. Happy to hear you are on your way and have left solid ground behind. We will be eagerly waiting to read your next report. Our thoughts and best wishes go with you as we look out to sea from our horizon.


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